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Tracker Tracker module

If you want to know more about the activity on your website, a tracker can be added to provide a comprehensive breakdown to help you understand the volume of visitors to your website, track where they are and, perhaps more importantly, what areas they are not going to within your site, as well as how they are arriving at the site in the first place.

Tracker will identify how your web site is being found, whether it is via certain search engines, business directories or if people are going directly to your site as a result of an advertising campaign. It will also determine the most effective route that visitors are using to locate your website and use this as the basis for improving other routes, or, to further improve the entries in search engines or directories that you believe were already being effective. Using the results of the tracker reports, you can also gain feedback after an advertising campaign to analyse whether it has been effective and if it has received the volume of visitors that you anticipated on your site.

Once visitors are on your site, you can see the paths that they are taking to navigate through it and view which pages they are and aren’t visiting. Use this information, to decide whether you need to restructure the navigation of your web site to promote key areas that may not be being visited as often as you would like.

Access the tracker reports online to view up to the minute information about the activity on your website.

All of the e-Snapin services are fully administered by you, the client, so you have complete control over your selected e-Snapin solution. Administration facilities are provided online via our secure web based management consoles.

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